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By Vod_Kann (registered) | Posted July 15, 2011 at 15:57:58 in reply to Comment 66242

I think this is spin as well. Trying to get people out of thinking "renovation" as in a fresh coat of paint.

I think of what they are doing is more like on "American Hot Rod" when they take a car down to its frame and chassis and basically rebuild from scratch.

Closest examples on this side of the pond are Everbank Field in Jacksonville which was built using sections and infrastructure of the old Gator Bowl

or "New Soldier Field" which retrofitted a stadium OVER the existing Greek Columns

For the more adventurist, how about this for a funky design? St. James Park in the UK. The team has been playing on the same site for longer than Ivor Wynne (1880!). Like New Ivor Wynne, it will have one side taller than the other bit I love how they brough tthem together! You certainly cna't accuse it of being cookie cutter.'_park/87.php

Lastly, here is an interesting tidbit found on Larry Pattison's Save Ivor Wynne site in the youtube clip- They may close off Cannon between Balsam and Melrose to make it a "true precinct". I would be SHOCKED if that went through (pleasantly shocked though)!

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