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By Optics (anonymous) | Posted July 26, 2011 at 11:42:29

I get what the Mayor is trying to say. I get why he feels he has to put all his eggs in the All-Day GO basket now. He's suffering from the same pessimism that dogs many Hamilton residents. Like all of us, he's been burned with false hope and broken deals. He probably feels that he has to get *something* done in an increasingly tight economy with a better than average chance that we'll be living for the next 4 years under Conservative governments at both the Federal and Provincial levels. He probably figures that in an election year, the best we can do in terms of Transit promises is something that is a fairly soft sell and could make it onto any party's campaign platform -- All Day GO.

This is where I stop making excuses for the Mayor.

The way he and Murray have handled this is nothing short of amateur. The messages that are going out to the public about this are awfully damning of the current City Hall and its ability to lead. Bratina's communication style is a wreck. Ted McMeekin chimed in because he was contacted by a bunch of concerned citizens over this. Why? Are you ready for it? Because that's what elected representatives are supposed to do!!

This isn't just about 'a bunch of bloggers' or his ongoing tiff with the Spectator, it's about his inability to acknowledge the concerns of his constituents and deal with them in a respectful manner. Bratina is dismissive, condescending and frankly he's failing at a significant portion of his job: Communication.

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