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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted November 01, 2011 at 12:28:41

FYI The Hamiltonian has published a statement from Peggy Chapman in response to this piece:

I am not able to speak in any depth about the City of Hamilton's ongoing communications report that should come forward this year. I am working with staff standards, and including political and media advice from national and international governments and media outlets to form a standard for the Mayor's Office. Staff must ensure their own standards, but I can say Mayor Bratina's interests are, and I quote him, "My issue is not about withholding information. It is about ensuring the public is properly informed."

Mayor Bratina has always been dedicated to full access to all information deserving of the public as evidenced by his efforts to expedite live-streaming of City Hall meetings. On many occasions accurate information won't come from a quote from a politician, but from the due diligence done by responsible journalists. The Mayor's confidence in the process of municipal governance is based in large part on the professionalism of our staff. In terms of media access, an accounting will show that he has responded to almost every request for an interview or comment, properly posed. Sometimes the response is "no comment", which is a valid response. The Mayor's priority in terms of communications is that residents and taxpayers are properly informed and their interests protected. This may not accommodate a reporter's wish to include the Mayor in their story, but not every issue requires comments attributed to the Mayor.

I look forward to your input when my own report becomes hands on with media.

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