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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted December 01, 2011 at 18:20:00

Although its not a highway I guess by definition, I have been recently thinking a lot about our Burlington Street over-passes? Has their need dwindled? They look to be at the end of their life-cycle and it seems now, we may be doing some work on them with one lane currently blocked around the Kenilworth exit on the westbound lanes.

People coming into East Hamilton are welcomed by driving over industrial Hamilton, with smoke stacks and scrap metal and hydro lines making up the 'scenery'. Many of the companies along Burlington Street if you drive the lower portions of the two-decker thorougway, are actual not bad or at least wouldn't take a lot to clean up.

Looking at other cities like Boston or Buffalo or Toronto or probably every city that has these long over-passes, a dark, un-inviting, even scary environment is created amongst these spaces. For East Hamilton, this is the way to enter our city. To get to Gage Park or Ivor Wynne or Ottawa Street or The Pearl. Etc., you must enter the city this way. For incoming Niagara traffic, its even the most convenient way to get downtown.

The factories and such are here to stay for awhile but it doesn't mean this has to be a dead span of our city?

Have we looked into whether it would be feasible, functional, and esthetically pleasing to consider removing these over-passes?

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