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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted December 02, 2011 at 08:44:14 in reply to Comment 71781

There is a shortage of employment or working destinations and I see no need to be tearing up our streets in frustration. Just because I'm short of work doesn't dictate to me that I shouldn't be; just like Hamilton, I have plenty of home-work to do despite no one's handing me money, man. Just like some of you.

Right now, I'm preparing for resurfacing pavement in my basement, by performing one of the crappiest jobs I have left to do in our home restoration, in this city we had hoped to keep our roots firmly sewn in; the final stage and the last step of our four year old flood and the damages IT left. Oh we got our Compassion, I'll Grant the Corporation that, but as for the full sum to git'er done that is still something we loathsomely lack.

On bended knee I scratch and scrape
Old flooring tiles all over the place
Over and over and over and waste
So much so that I bag IT in haste
Only to wait and wait and wait
Yes I say I hesitate,
I rest.
Allowed just one beg spaced--
Out on garbage day next.

I wish I had more time just for these jests...

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