Comment 71795

By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted December 02, 2011 at 09:29:15 in reply to Comment 71793

Nice prose, Greg. My inquiry about Burlington Street is by no means a vision out of anger. I just look at the condition of the overpass in sections and the street below and if we have to start pouring some money into both, is removing it a debate worth getting into?

It's my entrance in and out of this city and although the streets themselves need an overhaul because they are in bad shape, peering onto industrial Hamilton isn't something I think we should hide or look down upon, but the truth is there in passing, that a major entranceway to our community needs some discussion as to how we improve that 'at first we meet' presence that newcomers to this city or those that 'have' to come here for one reason or another, are welcomed with.

Removing those overpasses would likely be timely, disruptive to industry and commuter traffic, and expensive but if not remove them, then how to we clean it up?

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