Comment 73612

By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted February 01, 2012 at 14:26:15 in reply to Comment 73601

It is not just the governments of capitalist countries that have debts. Commies need to borrow money to. That's what communism/socialism is, spending others peoples money.

As for debts being racked up by conservative governments, most of Canada's debt was racked up by Trudeau. Most of Ontario's debt was racked up by NDP and Liberal. And Greece and Spain were run by socialists when their debt crisis hit.

Obviously you don't like capitalism so I will ask you what I ask all the others: Millions of people fled communist countries to immigrate to capitalist countries, however, I don't know of any communists/socialist who live in capitalist countries that choose to immigrate to communist/socialist countries. Can you explain this? Perhaps you would consider immigrating to Cuba or North Korea?

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