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By Freedom Seeker (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2012 at 10:03:40 in reply to Comment 73643

It's kind of an empty claim to suggest that I or anyone else is "free to leave". The entire land area of the planet, with the exception of Antarctica, is the claimed territory of one State or another, all of which make similar demands as regards my "basement" analogy. Leaving aside the "difficult" living conditions in Antarctica the States collectively have decreed that no one may reside there permanently, I imagine that if one was to try action would be taken against them.
Further: Under Canadian law, by which I found myself as an accident of birth, not by choice, the Canadian state will not allow me to renounce my Canadian citizenship unless I can prove to their satisfaction that I have become the "citizen" of some other State.
And of course being theoretically free to leave the "basement" called Canada is not the same as being free to be imprisoned in some other basement of my choosing. All States impose various restrictions on who may take up residence within their territories.
Now, given that one is going to be trapped in a basement I would certainly say that the one called "Canada" is one of the more desirable ones to be trapped in, but my original point in the previous post was that, useful or not, one is not ethically obliged to pay for goods or services that were not the result of a voluntarily agreement.

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