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By jacob (registered) | Posted February 14, 2012 at 11:48:55

never mind the building at King and Hess. I doubt current construction methods will stand up to future development by neglect the way these mid-century buildings are. Maybe Vrancor builds them this way as a favour to future slippery developers of his own ilk.

I wonder if the Federal building demo was about getting around the covenant on title - ie I didn't destroy it, it just fell down! But I can't imagine he'd be able to get around it that way. Had he flooded the inside or lit an errant match maybe it would have been different.

Someone should be raising this example as a best practice, ahem BoE building. Whenever a public body gives money to outside entities, a restrictive covenant should attach preventing needless destruction. If public planning is going to be such a colossal failure maybe private planning can do the job.

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