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By Stuck On Stucco (anonymous) | Posted February 14, 2012 at 23:46:38 in reply to Comment 74384

Renderings are generally only created once; to sell an idea.
After that, the developer can change the plan as many times as they like without having to publicly release any new renderings, so long as their updated plans are approved by the City.
So therefor, it was the City which allowed Vrancor to modify the building from something 'not that terrible' to 'unacceptable' by many standards.

Problem is, though our climate is in no way similar to that of Las Vegas or Phoenix, Stucco seems to have the City's seal of approval for building material though it's painfully obvious Stucco cannot last long-term in a Canadian (mostly moist) climate. You need look no further than Eastgate Square's newer additions to see how terrible the stucco looks just 3-4 years after it's application.

And for the record, the stucco used in desert climates (which have a purpose, ie: keeps homes cool, also blowing sand deteriorates brick) are of much better quality than the crafty type used in Hamilton.

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