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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted February 29, 2012 at 15:30:25

Surely we don't have to debate the nonsensical point that the Board wants to have its maintenance vehicles as part of its consolidated operations? It's a red herring. One of many tossed out by those who have already packed their bags.

No fiscally-minded corporation, including the Liberal provincial government, thinks that paying to include maintenance vehicles in an urban core is a reasonable idea. i've never met one. Unless of course, one of the senior managers feels a need to go down to the basement and look at all of the vehicles the corporation is paying to lease. Presumably, those vehicles should be out doing maintenance in any case. There is no strategic advantage whatsoever in having them underneath, or beside for that matter, a downtown building.

Even architects might agree that it's possible to expand the Eduction Centre, whether up or out. It is a reinforced concrete building after all, which has a curtain wall on all four sides, including the back one that faces onto a parking lot. You know, like they did with the Sopinka Courthouse and the old Main Library (now Family Court).

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