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By Mahesh_P_Butani (registered) - website | Posted February 29, 2012 at 16:09:56 in reply to Comment 74891

The consequences would look more like this in my opinion:

  1. Mac builds a new facility as big as its original need-based program demanded and got funded for - at MIP.

  2. The City still remains a strategic funding partner with Mac's Family Health centre, as it services the health needs of the entire city.

  3. The Board of Education sells 100 Main street to a private developer as it has exhausted the first dibs list, and builds a new Education centre at Crestwood - where it achieves a 30% operational efficiency via its planned consolidation.

  4. The private developer exercises the demolition permit it has received as part of the purchase agreement to promptly level the lot and put cement blocks on Main and Bay, while patiently awaiting the rejuvenation of the core.

  5. The empty overgrown lot at 100 Main impacts the pre-sales of the Federal building project and now has been scaled back.

  6. Patients from all over the city now commute to MIP via an already overloaded HSR service to Longwood for family care. And patients who drive, jam up the Longwood/Main corner of Westdale.

  7. Right House consolidates the public health offices and continues to empty out at 4.30 pm every workday and holidays, while Gore Park continue to struggle.

  8. A new minimum-wage call center comes back to the Thompson building, and the mall retailers continue to suffer from flat sales.

  9. A new movie called Butterfly effect is finally scheduled to be shot on location in the downtown core.

See, now you have gone and made me finish the half-full glass that I had kept aside for so long :) Coffee sometime?

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