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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted February 29, 2012 at 16:39:48 in reply to Comment 74897

Given that we are all projecting here, anything is possible of course, but I would question #1 only on the point of Mac's needs assessment. They don't need a building that is as big as the one the parties are discussing at Main and Bay, so I think the building could very well be smaller. Not sure why the city should have to co-habitate with Mac if Mac pulls out of the negotiations. Needless to say, I see the strategic and social benefits of them co-habitating, but it's not a requirement. It would be shame if they couldn't reach agreement though.

The 30% operational efficiency has been stated, but so have a lot of things, so I'm not putting as much faith in that number as I once did. I can't say it's wrong, but nor can I say it's correct. Besides, other than the maintenance vehicles being consolidated, even the Board's revised analysis numbers show that the assessment was weighted rather heavily on staff accessibility (highway access) and building visibility. Even so, Crestwood barely scratched out a win. Convenience for staff is worth consideration, but so too is accessibility for parents and children from all parts of the city. I understand buses also run on the mountain, but it might be more convenient for people who are less likely to have access to automobiles to have easier access to public transit.

5 is clever, but..... :)

I agree with #6.I think it's a good point, but apparently this is not a huge issue for Mac given their stated Plan B.

7 is the problem we face with many office buildings in the core, no matter on which corner they sit. I think your idea of the Right House being prime for condo conversion is well taken. So too is my point about investing in the Royal Connaught rather than the Mac Health Clinic. Building a smaller building means they won't need our money over at MIP, so it potentially frees up some committed capital.

8 is indeed a "half empty" comment. There is so much empty office space downtown that your point could be made for all of that space. I'd like to think the more we do downtown, the more attractive it will be for higher wage job opportunities. As I said, I want Mac and the Board downtown, so we do agree that both could have a very positive impact on daily commerce.

We're both guessing, which is fine with me. This isn't science, that's for sure. But it does help to expand our respective and collective perspectives.

What I want to emphasize is that consequences are felt by all three parties. Clearly, given that fact, it's in their best interests to work this thing out. I know we share that view, even if some of the details are not identical.

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