Comment 7493

By Anonymous (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2007 at 00:16:53

Once again, more tax dollars given away to private development. Whether local, provincial or federal, we the taxpayers keep paying and paying. Real great news would have been the private sector stepping to the plate to redevelop the property without provincial funding and a well above average lease rate the City will pay for office space. Another sad state of affairs. I don't mind contributing to help restore a heritage building but $7 million from the province and a $20 million lease from the City seems a little high. Council should have gone along with the mayor and torn down City hall and redeveloped a truly multiuse facility (school board, City etc.) This City is bleeding money downtown out of every orfice. We need to build a complete community here not focus in one area. We need to change our image not appear like we're broke all the time with our hand out for provincial and federal assistance.

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