Comment 74938

By theOther (registered) | Posted March 01, 2012 at 20:08:34 in reply to Comment 74937

Dear 'Today': I am tempted to re-brand myself 'Decades Ago' with this reply, but no: " ... the money out of town students spend while they are here ..." amounts to whatever they may contribute to '1280', as the 'Downstairs John' is now known (I'm told), plausibly the Westdale Metro grocery store and the Dundurn Beer Store and LCBO. University Students don't typically spend their meagre disposable income into the outer city environs. They hang around the campus. That's what makes the concept of drawing McMaster into the urban core so compelling. And I'm pretty sure, "... in all liklihood [sic] ... Mr. Crawford understands that".

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