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By old observer (anonymous) | Posted March 30, 2012 at 13:32:15

Joey says in 75584 above, "We're a major city, not Vaughan." Much credit to Joey, but in terms of open, useful, well-made media coverage of municipal affairs, York Region is people's voice heaven compared to here and Dreckel-land, for instance [in busy world incl. Hamilton, Spec has column today Friday on--ta-da--more of same mind-numbing excreta.] We shud be so lucky. and reporters, plural, who really know their stuff.
CATCH and others have referred from time to time to York region coverage. If only Hamilton [weeklies] News had good consistent postings of its material. Take a look at this News follow-up to last week's piece of theirs (and this week, without byline, the Spec ran the already 5-day old LAST week's article on the subject--hard to believe they are all owned by same company--as is york region) see

And 27B-6 (anonymous) above is partly right: "For all those who kvetch about the carapace of cynicism common to longtime residents of Hamilton, perhaps you are beginning to understand where this phenomenon comes from," but mainly partly hopeful at the end.

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