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By we'refree;April first (anonymous) | Posted April 01, 2012 at 16:18:41

News, April FIRST, 2012
Media giant Torstar Corp announced today that the Hamilton Spectator will cease publication after Monday’s edition—which is already printed and so a waste of advertising not to distribute.

Torstar says smaller Hamilton news providers are doing a swell job, and the weekly Hamilton papers cover the advertising better. Electronic news hunters and gatherers are noted by Torstar’s chair as “superbly more than adequate.” He notes that a recent Spectator editorial itself emphasized this fact, thus helping to seal the Spectator’s fate.

Publisher Dana Robbins will take shelter in a monastic retreat on an Italian mountain. Editor Paul Berton has taken an investment interest in a Kleinburg, Ontario coffee shop. And one-time reporter A. Dreschel has been re-located by security forces to Guantanamo Bay, on a pending charge of intellectual (and possibly urban) terrorism.

Dreschel in what is believed to be a brown shirt was seen last night with his old ideological comrade Roy Green—believed to be wearing a black shirt—attempting to occupy and defend the Spectator grounds against Torstar-sent sheriffs. Democracy for Hamilton (Demoham) led a counter-demonstration, leading the occupants to quickly give up.
(more to follow as news develops)

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