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By RenaissanceWatcher (registered) | Posted April 15, 2012 at 10:16:46

The opening of the restored Lister Block and the new CBC Hamilton offices will provide a tremendous boost to the momentum already happening on James Street North.

Thanks for providing relevant historical context to the Lister Block restoration project, Matt.

And “DowntowninHamilton” raises a good question about who is paying for the consultant to attract commercial tenants to the Lister Block. It is unclear as to whether the commercial space is being leased out directly by LIUNA or subleased out by the City of Hamilton. If LIUNA is leasing out the commercial space for its own benefit, then LIUNA should pay for the consultants. Hopefully someone from the city or the media can shed some light on this point.

In a somewhat similar vein on a different topic (the Pan Am stadium), a March 26, 2012 Stadium Subcommittee report to be discussed at the Hamilton GIC meeting on April 18, 2012 states that the Tiger-Cats have asked the city for a guarantee to reimburse the team to the tune of over $1 Million per game if the new stadium is not completed on time. (See Page 4 of the report):

The Tiger-Cats caused a one year delay in the stadium planning process with its anti-west harbour stadium campaign throughout 2010 and, had the Tiger-Cats gone along with the original west harbour plan as they had done until March 2010, the team could have played at Ivor Wynne Stadium until the new stadium is ready. The Tiger-Cats’ request to the city for a guarantee for any delayed completion of the stadium is analogous to the tale about the child who kills his parents and then seeks sympathy for being an orphan. The Tiger-Cats should pay for the consequences of their own incompetent decisions.

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