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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 16, 2012 at 07:26:12 in reply to Comment 76921

I have to disagree. I live on Charlton near Hess and there is a lot of speeding and inattention on the one-way street.

There are dozens of crashes each year at the Hess/Charlton intersection, so many that the City put up one of those "high crash intersection signs" (which was later removed because it obviously didn't made a difference). The problem is that motorists are looking ahead to Queen (trying to make the light) and don't notice the traffic light at Hess. Having two-way traffic would slow things down and seeing stopped traffic in the other direction would make it obvious there is a traffic light.

Before Hess went two-way I would often hear and see cars drag racing side-by-side on Hess late Friday and Saturday nights. Two-way conversion immediately stopped this and has slowed the traffic.

Further east, at least one car has ended up in Durand Park as a result of a collision and there are no traffic lights between James and Bay which, combined with no oncoming traffic, encourages high speed and inattention right next to the Park. In fact there are no safe crossings adjacent to the park across Herkimer and Charlton at Park St.

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