Comment 76988

By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted May 16, 2012 at 12:41:34 in reply to Comment 76933

So at Charlton you have an apartment/parking lot, hospital, church, and residential - nothing to improve there.

Then more apartments at forest, a strip mall (set way back from the street with parking out front), a subway, a mechanic, Rapscallion eatery (which, although only open part-time, apparently has reservations booked into August, or so I read in Hamilton magazine).

Then we have a hydro substation, another mechanic, and we start getting into the bars of Augusta, and finally some street-wall type retail (some occupied, some not).

The area immediately closest to you is unfortunately either full of non-commercial uses (churh, hospital, residential), or composed of strip malls which benefit less from walkable streets than, say, street-level retail.

Any further improvement in the area is likely to happen further up around Augusta, nearer to the GO Station.

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