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By DBC (registered) | Posted May 17, 2012 at 10:32:17

From the Spec August 8, 2008:

"Councillor Terry Whitehead, who opposed the next stage of two-way conversions, said: "For the constituents I represent, two-way streets are a complete waste of money."

So there you have it. This is what all those who support conversion are up against. Good old fashioned ward heeling politics. The conversion of Wilson Street in Ancaster to one-way would have sure solved the traffic flow problems for a lot of people in Ancaster but, as it should have been, was a non-starter.

Why do those who live in Wards 1 - 3 have to live under a completely different set of rules than everyone else. What is good for one ward is good for the entire city.

One way streets on their face aren't always a bad thing. Sometimes, in the right circumstace, they make perfect sense. But a 5 lane one-way urban freeway with narrow sidewalks only benefits those who are looking to drive right through downtown; no one else.

C'mon, the QEW with it's new HOV lanes isn't 5 lanes wide. Anyone who opposes one-way conversion is only doing so for their own selfish reasons. They would never accept one-way streets where they live. One should expect congestion and delays when moving through the core of a top 10 Canadian urban metropolis. That is what is NORMAL.

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