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By kettal (registered) | Posted June 07, 2012 at 13:04:41 in reply to Comment 78054

Think of it in terms of the LRT proposal on King Street. If the proposal involved turning King into a two-way street (with one or fewer lanes in each direction), the whole proposal would be DOA.

A one-way + LRT on King is going ahead, and offers a much greater chance of actually happening. Sure we could propose to make it 1 lane each direction, but the plan would be in the trash faster than you can say democracy.

The desire for movement of through-traffic is still here, and I think any proposal which we want to get to the reality stage will have to take that into account.

A collection of one-way streets allow the same amount of through traffic in less road space (compared to the same number of two-way streets), which gives us more opportunity for bike lanes, LRT lanes, sidewalks, and all those other lovely things.

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