Comment 79544

By alhambra (anonymous) | Posted July 19, 2012 at 13:18:35 in reply to Comment 79542

then why do cities vote left and suburbs vote right?

Here's another interpretation: that suburbs are economic freeloaders paid for by the rest of society so that a portion, largely middle and upper class, can live unsustainable lifestyles and be separated from the poor.

Boris Johnson may have been a conservative same as Fred Eisenberger or David Crombie. But all were those remnants of intelligent conservatism who do not hate government the way a rapidly growing portion of today's conservatism does. Today's conservatives could care less about larger society and want only to prop up their own.

That's why this discourse matters. It will be the main factor in the next election. Liberals will continue in their idiotic fashion of hoping people will just listen to reason, and refuse to expose this attack on the state being perpetrated by conservatives in our own country.

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