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By Undustrial (registered) - website | Posted November 27, 2012 at 17:40:20

I read this a few days ago in a private forward, and found myself nodding my head but also faced with the same questions as Kiely and Borelli. Are they talking about employees or management? Growing departments or growing paycheques? And which department? What we need is a proper cost breakdown, not just totals.

The other important question to ask is how valid 2002 really was as a baseline, only a year after amalgamation...

Is bureaucracy growing? Yes, and it's exacting big costs. Blaming paycheques doesn't make a lot of sense here, as Borelli mentioned wages for most have been stagnating for decades. Blaming the public sector and unions also falls short, since the problem is just as evident in plenty of private, union-free corporations.

So what in the hell is happening? Two factors - a general rise in bureacratic complexity - new rules/processes are being introduced faster than old ones are being repealed as public and private entities try to circumvent each other's goals. At the same time, systems are also being centralized which promises cuts to administration costs, but instead grants institutions more clout, less accountability and therefore much more ability to draw in funds. While they sound contradictory, one need only look at Amalgamation (or any monopoly) to see how easily a bureaucracy can become bigger and more complex at the same time, and find no net savings as a result.

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