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By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted December 04, 2012 at 08:52:40

Facing the need for a drastic tax increase, Mississauga councillors are second-guessing their own plans for a $1.5 billion LRT to modernize the city and ease congestion.

Weak support for the project became apparent this week after staff proposed a 7.8 per cent increase for the city’s portion of the 2013 tax bill. Nowhere in the budget was there funding for the light rail transit the city wants to build along its north-south spine, Hurontario St.

The mayor, who has been floating the idea of a land transfer tax to raise an estimated $74 million annually, finally said the LRT won’t t go forward if residents have to fund too much of it.

Carlson and Councillor Pat Saito said their colleagues should stop talking about the LRT like it’s a done deal.

Be mindful of wearing rose coloured glasses Ryan. Mississauga is doing a better job in some areas but there is just as much infighting and doubt as anywhere else.

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