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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted December 05, 2012 at 12:32:20 in reply to Comment 83481

But how you explain your kids that your neighbour keeps them to eat?

How do you explain to your kids that the meat they see in grocery stores comes from animals that were killed? Different people come to different ethical conclusions about the killing of animals for food, but that is hardly an argument against keeping backyard chickens.

In any case, backyard chickens are generally kept for eggs, not meat.

Is this animal cruelty

It is already illegal to commit acts of cruelty to animals and the matter of definition, enforcement and penalties is already in place.

how to regulate

That would be the proposed by-law to regulate the ownership of backyard chickens.

these mini farms then ?

A small number of hens in a small coop is no more a "mini farm" than a vegetable garden is a "mini farm". What makes a farm a farm is the scale of the activity.

A little different case.

It is already illegal to keep nine pets in a residence. Your anecdote, while unfortunate and likely frustrating for you, is strictly irrelevant to the matter of whether a responsible resident should be allowed to keep a small number of backyard chickens in a regulated manner.

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