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By jasonm (anonymous) | Posted December 30, 2012 at 12:35:56

Dear Councillors,

As a 20 year resident of Toronto, it was a big step for me to move elsewhere. I was looking for a community at maximum an hour away and finally settled on Hamilton - in large part due to the amount of intact historical architecture and what I thought was a popular ethos of sustainability and a municipal awareness of what makes a city livable and desirable. One of my favorite stretches of Hamilton, (and a reason why I moved here) is that row of storefronts at 18-28 King St E. From a new homeowner and taxpayer I strongly urge council to quickly act to stay this demolition. I can tell you that I moved here in part directly because of these buildings so the heritage of Hamilton architecture has deep meaning for creative young professionals like myself who now call Hamilton home!!

I think there are a lot of Torontonians that are starting to see what Hamilton has to offer and council should think very hard before letting what makes Hamilton special be taken away. I see the recent destruction of the Board of Education building to be a huge mistake and loss to Hamilton as well as the proposed demolition of the Sanford school, which is a beautiful historical landmark. I think thoughts and actions on the development of Hamilton would be better spent on preserving spaces in the core, than in building parking lots and casinos, which is the direct backward thinking and narrow-thinking development that I have moved here to avoid.


Jason MacIsaac

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