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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted January 02, 2013 at 09:46:59 in reply to Comment 84621

The ideas that percolate via populist media from this motley mix of ignorance, is what you are regurgitating here once again.

A-greed, my guess is we're going about this all wrong:

"We did letter writing and phone calls and trying to talk to MPs, and you know, we took that route and it didn't work...Then we had to move up to peaceful marches and rallies, and that didn't work. So now we're doing all these flash mob round dances, which are more about working hand in hand with Canadians and also keeping the focus on the media. But now you see blockades." Pamela Palmater - The Canadian Press

"Citizens and media regularly encounter public bodies that fight the spirit of the law that requires disclosure, or mount as many roadblocks as possible. The Spectator's Steve Buist reported in September that 'High fees, long delays, stifling bureaucracy, puzzling rules and archaic technologies are barriers to the free flow of important information.'" Robert Howard - The Hamilton Spectator

Alas again, IT is that same old song; Rather than take action we blather on a blog.

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