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By The So Fist (anonymous) | Posted January 04, 2013 at 14:23:09 in reply to Comment 84707

As I said above, if you are saying when you stand on the street and look at those buildings and can't think of anything that would be better, then you should support the heritage designation...absolutely. You will get no argument from me on if that is what you believe.

For myself, i think a new design that incorporates the fascade into a larger scale building is much more appealing and needed in the downtown core.

The debate in these pages seems to focus more on getting a HD to not allow the demolition because you dont' want a parking lot.

The fact they were designed by a known name, or just that they are old are not strong enough arguments for an HD. Preserve the Lister Block for its beauty, sure. Preserve the old stone Bank for its stunning character, absolutely. Designate the Heritage homes of Hamilton's founding fathers in the Durand Neighbourhood, damn straight!

But, keep those buildings in Gore because we dont' like parking lots? Need a better argument folks....

I'd suggest asking Walter Peace if he's still at McMaster to lend some significance to these buildings and why an updated reno that keeps the fascade would not be a better overall approach.

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