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By slodrive (registered) | Posted June 19, 2013 at 12:34:17

I find this whole situation extremely hard to believe. Keep thinking there's a lot more to this story (and initiative) than what's been made public.

How many best-practices does it take for people to recognize the value in historic buildings. At the very least, the facades. Why any developer interested in a successful long-term plan would want to compromise that is beyond me.

It's funny, in my drive down Highway 6 from Owen Sound yesterday I got to thinking about the differentiation between the 'nice towns' and ones that left me wanting more. What made the good ones 'picturesque' and piqued the curiosity was their ability to keep their historic buildings as the centre-piece of the community. Fergus was a great example.

What was also apparent was how uninspiring most 'non-historical' buildings were -- usually the boxy, siding-clad, drive-up style that interrupted the friendly quaintness of the main drag.

Anyone who's made this drive through these smaller communities (Fergus, Mt. Forest, Arthur, Durham, Chatsworth, Owen Sound) would be overwhelmingly aware of what gives these towns their visual charm and the appeal to stop in for a visit and check things out.

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