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By Evie (anonymous) | Posted July 04, 2013 at 12:16:42 in reply to Comment 89923

I need to stop commenting as I’ve already said my peace. However, I need to address seancb’s comment on safety and the statement being hyperbolic. Like I’ve mentioned, I lived in the area and a few years ago I moved a neighborhood away. I never used my car, I walked everywhere including my place of work downtown. In the 5 years I lived at Young and Walnut I was harassed regularly by men soliciting sex. I’ve had men stop their vehicle, have an exchange of words with me, call me an exploitive name and proceed to FOLLOW ME to my home where they would then speed away (and yes, I got their license plate number and called police). I’ve been waking with my wife and brother and had 3 young men chase us calling us gay slurs saying we should die simply because my wife and I were holding hands. I’ve watched drug dealers do deals in broad daylight. I’ve had conversations with a prostitute that lived directly across the street and heard some pretty scary stories from her regarding her life experiences. I’ve TWICE had a drunk driver plough into parked vehicles in front of my house, so hard, that on one occurrence, a brand new half tonne pickup was pushed out into the middle of the street and had its axel snapped. I’ve never been physically harmed but, at times, I’ve feared for my safety in general. It probably has to do with being a woman and a gay woman at that, and our unique experiences when it comes to safety etc. So please do not insinuate that safety is not a priority and concern for people that may have to park a block or two away from their Hunter Street destination as all these examples happened within 1 to 2 blocks of Hunter and Walnut during daylight hours and night hours. I’m speaking from personal experience, not exaggerating for the sake of drama. I love the area however I do not walk alone at night like I would in some other areas. Sorry seancb, I respect your opinions and your passions but I had to address that statement. If you believe it to be exagerated that's your perogative however I just want other readers to hear both sides of the safety issue, the percieved exageration and my real life experiences. :)

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