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By Biljana (anonymous) | Posted July 05, 2013 at 15:43:29

I am so impressed with this store. They've really given thought to details that make it a pleasant place to shop and explore. There's a fresh fish counter, which is walled off from the rest of the store with glass walls, and has its own ventilation system, meaning no lingering fishy smell near the coffee... Wide aisles. Take-away sandwiches and Chinese lunch pastries, as well as make-at-home stir-fry kits. They've got the wonderful, eclectic collection of mushrooms and soup mixes that I see in Asian grocery stores, except here, they have included English labeling and instructions. (I now know why a soup mix I dared to try a number of years ago was so unpalatable...)

And the selection of "ethnic" foods reaches beyond Asia: I've been trekking out to Stoney Creek to find a particular brand of an Eastern European roasted red pepper spread, and they carry it at Nations Fresh, along with the monster-sized jars of Marmite that I always ask friends to bring back for me whenever they travel to the UK. German-style chocolate filled croissants. Vietnamese-style instant coffee. 3 litre cans of olive oil. Restaurant-sized jars of curry powder. A whole wall of tofu and soy milks.

No health/organic/local food. I suspect that though some market stall-holders will be nervous, that the ones who really are farmers selling local produce won't have much to worry about in the long run.

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