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By northender (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2013 at 16:13:31

I went this week and found it rather overwhelming. Proper height and size carts are $1. It was dark, confusing, busy, and LOUD (very similar to other Asian groceries I've been in). I was tempted by the huge and interesting selection prepared food, but found it hard to know how to carry this along with my (free) pull plastic buggy full of groceries, and didn't even FIND the place to sit down and eat (so thought it didn't exist, and was pissed). When I get to the checkout I find it doesn't take credit, my usual way to pay for groceries as we have a 'points' card. I looked for organics and actually did find a couple - one brand of yogurt (2 containers, sweetened lemon)and a lone box of Earthbound (american)spinach, but that was it. No recycled-content toliet paper. I didn't know there was more than one checkout, so ended up at the wrong end of the store with a large heavy bag of groceries and and a clam shell of take out hot food that I had to lug all the way around the mall corridor to get back to where I'd parked my bike on Bay (no bike racks there!). Not a happy experience.

On the plus side, the selection of packaged food from around the world is impressive (if confusing). It will take some time to check it all out. I can see that it will be convenient when the market is closed, but given the lack of local or organic I don't think I'll be shopping there much, and probably not at all once the Mustard Seed is open.

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