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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted August 02, 2013 at 17:43:00 in reply to Comment 90602

How this will reduce "poverty" has me stumped.

Nowhere is it claimed that complete streets will reduce poverty. Rather, complete streets will reduce social inequity between affluent and impoverished neighbourhoods.

Currently, Hamilton does not incorporate complete streets principles as a matter of course into its roadway designs anywhere. However, streets are generally far worse in poor neighbourhoods than in wealthy neighbourhoods. The former suffer the daily trauma of multi-lane one-way expressways like Cannon Street and have minimal bike lane coverage, narrow sidewalks, long distances between pedestrian crossings, poorly marked crosswalks, no button-activated crosswalks, no zebra crossings, very few street trees, and so on.

The HSR is the cheapest form of transport

Actually, walking is the cheapest form of transport. The next cheapest is cycling, since a cheap bike costs nothing to operate and almost nothing to maintain. Streets designed so that it is safe and easy to walk and cycle will make it easier for families who cannot afford multiple automobiles to get around. In combination with a better-funded and more reliable public transit system, complete streets not only make it easier for people to choose to drive less (or not to drive), but also help people who can't afford the luxury of driving.

Complete streets will not eliminate poverty, but they will provide real, tangible improvements in quality of life for people living in poverty.

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