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By Stacie (owner of Strut) (anonymous) | Posted August 06, 2013 at 20:57:31 in reply to Comment 89995

Do not misquote me. I did NOT put a letter in everyone's mailboxes saying that a bike lane would decrease property values. I said "having no parking options can negatively effect property values", which was told to me by various local real estate agents. And I didn't say that the neighbourhood would suffer if we got bike lanes. It's pretty irresponsible to put words in my mouth and have people believe things that aren't true, don't you think.
I put the notes in the mailboxes of the residents that would be directly effected by the project (many of them friends and clients) so that they could be informed about it, because no one had any idea that this was about to happen. I gave the contacts of the councilor and the project manager so people could become more informed and voice their support or concerns. At that time, the City informed me that the project was moving forward in the very near future without letting the rest of the neighbours know.
I also mentioned that the City can do better, and come up with an alternative that we can all be happy with. Not sure your motivation here, as the "let's all get along angle" you've pinned on me is more of a judgement of character then trying to come up with solutions. I've tried to contact you personally instead of calling you out for lying on a public forum and ask you to retract your statement but clearly this hasn't happened.
Just wanted to clear the air so everyone doesn't think I'm "NIMBY". To clarify, just because I don't want to lose parking around my business doesn't mean in the least that I'm anti-bike lane. The street can accommodate both.

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