Comment 90814

By DeeDee (anonymous) | Posted August 12, 2013 at 12:37:29 in reply to Comment 90213

This store proves that racism is alive and well among ALL races. There's a notice outside that they're looking for workers, but when you go in, if you're not Asian, they (LITERALLY) look you up and down, then laugh at you for even trying to apply. Customer Service - what a joke - speaks no English, and they also hired a bunch of people a few months ago but never called them in when the elevator strike delayed their opening. In the end, they hired mostly kids - and ONLY Asians. If any business hired only whites, they would get into trouble for it, but this place? Racist as hell. Which as far as I'm concerned is where they can go. (And before you accuse ME of racism, I used to live in Asia and have no problems with Asian people - but this store excludes ALL other races.) I sincerely hope they fail.

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