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By GummyBear (anonymous) | Posted August 30, 2013 at 21:03:04

I've shopped at Nations several times.
1. Some employees have unsanitary habits - wiping their noses on the back of their hands then touching food. I've viewed this in the produce and fish sections.
2. Earlier this week, an employee placed 2 raw chicken bundles on the same shelf and right beside some baked goods (mini macaroons).The employee was sorting the packaged meat section on the other side of these shelves.
3. Not enough english-speaking employees. All I got was blank looks when I asked where I could find the ginger.
4. Shopping baskets are filthy.
5. Not impressed with the employees I saw eating in the aisles and loudly chatting with working employees. Do they not have a break room?

1. Great selection of packaged food.
2. Prices are competitive if not a little lower.
3. Like that they pre-package the fruit and vegetables.

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