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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted November 06, 2013 at 12:53:28 in reply to Comment 94349

Cannon is losing one lane for the bi-directional bike lane, and unlike King Cannon is 4 lanes for its entire length from Sherman to Queen. So unlike King's nasty bottleneck at the International Village, Cannon will remain 3 lanes of rush-hour throughput even after BikeCannon goes into effect. You can still go all the way from the East End tot he West End with minimal stops, you just have to take Sherman to Cannon and then Queen back to King, and you no longer take a "shortcut" through downtown.

And, to be fair, can you name a single successful city where people take a "shortcut" through downtown? You mention people living in Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas... are any of those places subjected to this kind of roadway? Why don't we convert King Street in Dundas to 1-way? We could make Hatt the reverse direction and get the same fast traffic. Oh, and let's rip out the street-side parking there, businesses don't need those and they're slowing traffic. How would hte people of Dundas like that?

And Ancaster. How on earth does Mohawk/Rousseaux get away with all that nasty traffic calming? Widen those roads, eat up some front lawns and make it 4 lanes - it connects Wilson to the Linc, how the heck is this not part of the Truck Route?

And Wilson itself... I mean, the traffic there is completely unacceptable. How much time is it stealing from commuters, when Lodor is just a block over? Obviously the solution is to make Wilson 1-way and Lodor the other way from Rousseaux to Halson.

We can make every part of this town just as awesome as downtown! Won't that be grand?

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