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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 06, 2013 at 15:49:16 in reply to Comment 94374

We might be able to achieve high density AND smooth traffic flow. My gut tells me that there will always be a struggle maintaining fast movement of the lowest density version of traffic (single occupancy vehicles). But if we can move lots of people out of cars and onto bikes, buses, rail or best of all reduce commutes to walkable distances, it may actually be possible.

The thing is, to get to that point we HAVE to improve the way our transportation network serves these high density movement of people (transit, bikes and pedestrians).

There will of course be some pain for single occupancy vehicle operators during the transition. But we HAVE to get over that hump and give people real alternatives in order to significantly increase the number of people our streets can move per lane km. If we live in constant fear of that hump, we'll never get over it and we'll never densify and we'll never have a tax base big enough to cover our road costs, and we'll be forever begging at the feet of higher levels of government for handouts - which will also never quite cover the costs.

Knee jerk reactions 3 weeks into a teensy tiny bus lane pilot are not going to get us where we need to be to survive.

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