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By myrcurial (registered) - website | Posted February 19, 2014 at 15:56:07

The airport used to be located on the waterfront, no reason it can't be put there again. WRT planes over the city - look up some time - the entire city is in the flight path - and it's not like airplanes are more or less polluting than what's already on the lake front.

On the entire idea of better use for the brownfields, the reality is that the majority of that land is effectively a sacrifice zone - unless you're willing to excavate to bedrock and deal with the hazardous waste problem. Wouldn't a use that is compatible (paving it for airstrips, putting in manufacturing/warehousing) and cap it over, largely preventing water flow through it.

Or we can just pave farms and put in houses with 42' frontage on roads that lack sidewalks and make sure we're the last city in north america that is car dependent.

The AEGD & LRT are hundred year decisions - and they're both being made by people who are unable to see past the next election cycle who are influenced primarily by people who are unable to see past the next quarterly earnings report - that's not how you run a society.

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