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By mickrussom (anonymous) | Posted July 28, 2007 at 17:31:05

LED lights could be used. ROHS compliant materials are a step in the right direction. Im sorry, seancb, that you are ok with autism, and poisons and pollution, but I am not. There are programs in the US and EU, like ROHS, that are a step in the right direction. Saying being human means that its ok to dump mercury in the environment is a total cop-out. And its wrong.

LED lights, like the Pharox bulbs for Oxxio customers, are being blocked or lobbied against by GE or other CF-mudercury manufacturers wants profit over making bulbs safer and more efficient.

Its sad we live in a world where the technology exists to be cleaner (Nuclear, wind power, LED bulbs, etc) , but people simply ignore it.

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