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Audition for ‘SECONDARY CAUSE OF DEATH’ at Village Theatre Waterdown

  • Date: Sunday, October 01, 2017
  • Time: 1pm to 4pm
  • Location: Memorial Hall,
  • Address: 317 Dundas Street, Waterdown (Google Maps)
  • Contact: Anne Hogan
  • Email: ahogan1@cogeco.ca
  • Phone: 905-929-1983


Village Theatre Waterdown is proud to present


Written by Peter Gordon, Directed by Graham Clements.

A sequel to the popular comedy ‘Murdered To Death’

AUDITIONS will be held: SUNDAY OCTOBER 1st 1:00 – 4:00PM MONDAY OCTOBER 2nd 7:00 – 10:00PM At Memorial Hall, 317 Dundas Street, Waterdown

Lead Roles to be Cast:

-Lady Isadora Polluck – An elegant English lady (40-50ish)
-Count Puchlik of Puszczkowo - A Polish man with a very shady background. (40-50ish) -Captain Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington – A female territorial army officer, a very jolly lady with English private school background. (30-40ish) -Lily Tuthill – The cook, or is she? (40-60ish)

Small Supporting Roles to be Cast:

-Martha Armstrong – A housekeeper (Oldish) -Nurse Ann Parsley – A young, attractive nurse.

As this is a sequel the roles of Inspector Pratt, Colonel Craddock/Cardew Longfellow and Cynthia Maple have been cast.

Inspector Pratt arrives at Bagshot House with some grim news for Colonel Craddock, but that’s just the beginning. Who is the strange Polish Count? Is Henrietta really an Army Captain? How does the eccentric thespian, Longfellow fit into the equation? Is Lily really a cook? These are just some of the characters who make Pratt’s return a chaotic nightmare as the bodies pile higher and higher.

The show will take place in February, 2018 <


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