Five Ways to Gain Power and Fight City Hall by Supporting Joey Coleman

With the arrival of Joey Coleman, the dark ages have ended. This is why you need to support Joey's work.

By Chris Erskine
Published June 04, 2014

They say you can't fight City Hall, but you can if you have access to the latest information. Joey Coleman is able to give you this information. How does Joey Coleman give you the power? By giving you five forms of access:

City Hall
City Hall

1) 24/7 Access

Joey Coleman provides you with 24/7 access to breaking stories. When a fire gutted the Pasadena Apartments at 27 Bold Street - late Thursday evening, on February 20th, 2014; Joey Coleman was there!

Coleman not only provided you with first-hand reporting of the fire, but crowd-sourced reports from other individuals who either gave written or video accounts of the event via twitter.

With this immediate information, I was able to start planning my visit to the site within 24 hours of the fire. Others started to plan fund-raising efforts to help the displaced residents.

Without Joey Coleman's reporting, most activists would have had to wait until traditional media reported the next day.

2) Live Access

Joey Coleman provides you with live access to Hamilton City Council and its various committee meetings.

Coleman puts you in the room with the players. Suddenly you are given a level playing field. For the first time, you get the information at the same time as everyone else.

Instead of reacting to press releases, you are reacting to the event. With live access, you now have the ability to get your message out at the same time as those in the room. Thus, allowing you to shape the issue as it develops.

3) Archived Access

Joey Coleman gives you the ability to review the evolution of the issue by viewing archived video of meetings. No longer are you depended on your memory or notes.

Coleman also ensures that you will never miss a meeting again. Now, you are always informed, you will always be current. It is hard to over-estimate the value of this kind of access.

4) Un-filtered Access

Joey Coleman provides you un-filtered access to meetings. This means you can draw your own conclusions about the issues, the debates, and the players. Even when traditional media covers meetings, I have heard many people express the feeling that there is an editorial tilt to the coverage.

5) In-depth Access

Joey Coleman provides you with in-depth coverage. As a result, you are no longer dependent on the one minute news clip or the three paragraph summary of the meeting.

Coleman gives you gavel to gavel coverage. You can follow how the debate develops. You are able to see who are active versus passive City Councillors.

You are able to see what issues or facts are having particularly influence with the players. You are able to determine for yourself, who are the good guys and the bad guys.

With in-depth access, you have the ability to form your own opinions about the issues, the players, and the process. Furthermore, you can precisely tailor your efforts to what is happening today.

Support Joey Coleman

With the arrival of Joey Coleman, the dark ages have ended. This is why you need Joey Coleman. This is why you need to support his work.

Joey needs to raise $9,000 by June 14, 2014. Please support Joey Coleman; he is an investment in our future.

Chris Erskine is a labour and community activist. He is also a print artist, exploring historic landscapes and building themes using lino-cut and woodblock printing methods. You can visit his website.


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By scrap (anonymous) | Posted June 04, 2014 at 10:22:43

Good luck Joey!

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By Rimshot (anonymous) | Posted June 04, 2014 at 12:49:35

"And if you act now, we'll throw in a month's supply of pithy hashtags, absolutely free!"

All kidding aside, one of Hamilton's finest. If there was no Coleman, there'd be a hole, man.

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