Last Chance for Limestone City Hall Façade

By RTH Staff
Published December 08, 2008

Councillor Brian McHattie's office just issued a press release asking Hamiltonians for pledges toward paying for a limestone façade on City Hall, rather than precast concrete.

McHattie is asking for pledges of $65 per square foot of limestone, a natural, locally quarried material that preserves the building's architectural heritage.

So far, his office has already received plegdges worth over $55,000, but the total cost of upgrading to limestone is $2.95 million, and the deadline - December 10 - is fast approaching.

To make a pledge, just contact McHattie's office:

If McHattie receives enough pledges and the plan goes ahead, the City of Hamilton will issue charitable donation receipts for the pledged money.

Also, Barbara Shakelton has produced a documentary video entitled "Limestone for Hamilton City Hall" that explains the case for limestone over concrete. You can view it on YouTube:


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