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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted April 23, 2008 at 07:07:49

"Is it possible that your own email system is misconfigured?"

Not likely Ryan, but it behooves me to not speculate as to the cause. Your mail comes in here just fine so send me an alternative address where you may be reached.

May I continue dabbing?

Moot Moot "What’s important when you are in that hedge fund mode is to not do anything remotely truthful, because the truth is so against your view, that it’s important to create a new truth, to develop a fiction."

Poop Shoot "This is a dangerous and slippery slope we are progressing down and the idea of income redistribution to be shared in management by a strong central government and bankster community would have had our forefathers in the streets with pitchforks and bonfires ready to rock and roll. Instead we are more concerned with the release of the next video game for the Playstation III or just will the new Apple Iphone have the ability to provide back massages while playing MP3’s back. Folks, you had best wake up. This is a historical crossroads which has every indication that our society will undergo a massive change from top to bottom and unfortunately the bottom half of the citizenry will experience it first and feel it with the greatest amount of pain."

Shenandoah - BEWARE of the Killer "B's"

Confused yet? There is a thread.

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