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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted June 02, 2008 at 13:21:50

Freed Man,

You may be forgiven for thinking the title "Raise the Hammer" has some kind of marxist connotation - you aren't the first. However, the name comes entirely from a common nickname for Hamilton, i.e. "the Hammer".

If you read through the various article we've posted, you will have difficulty concluding that we espouse any form of communism. He have argued repeatedly and in a variety of contexts that market forces play an important role in creating an economically viable, environmentally sustainable city.

We're not anti-market; but nor are we free market fundamentalists. Where we tend to differ from, say, A Smith is that he seems to believe market forces in isolation are the most effective way to do this.

By contrast, we argue that markets work more effectively when they are regulated sensibly and when public policy promotes non-market public goods (like universal access to education and health care) which benefit everyone and even improve market performance, but which markets themselves cannot provide.

This approach is strongly supported by overwhelming evidence from the various industrialized liberal democracies. Countries (and cities) that employ a judicious mix of market and public policy policies are more productive, more equitable, and provide more robust civil liberties and better quality of life for their citizens.

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