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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted September 18, 2008 at 08:37:36

Any attempts to halt or reverse "Climate Change" will be futile. The Northern pole will melt away just because it is situated primarily above water and the Northern Hemisphere holds the vast majority of industrialized nations, hence it contains the most carbonized polluters.

The shedding of ice will make the earth much like a tire which has thrown a balancing weight. It will wobble and wear out prematurely on one side or another as it tends to correct itself the hard way. The vehicle will shake and shimmy and there will be the risk of a blow out if the owner/operator fails to have the tire rebalanced ASAP.

The earth stabilizes and reestablishes itself the hard way too, just like the neglected tire, with the powerful force of centrifugal motion. Volcanism along with wind/water vortexes move HUGE quantities of substances great distances around the globe. As I write, the Aleutians are teeming with volcanic activity:

Aleutian volcanoes continue to cause problems

And we all know how IKE affected AIG:

A Trillion Here; A Trillion There

The volcanism itself is a direct result of lost ice mass on the surface easing hydraulic pressure at the pole, which is in turn replaced by hot bubbling magma deep below. The volcanic dust and ash spewed into the atmosphere will restrict the sunlight reaching the earth's surface and the pole will soon cool down again so we can all relax, eventually.

But go ahead and eliminate income taxes. That will most certainly improve our dismal economic "Climate Change." The Fed can then make up the lost revenue with tolls through the emergence of the fabled (Canadian territorial) Northwest Passage(s) and subsequent internationally polarized sprawl.

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