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Well then, I have something marvellous to share with you.

Likewise, I have another marvel of common sense to share from the same book which confirms your claim of the merits of physical activity upon a healthy body, although I feel I must reiterate, "the details are too deep for this particular discussion."

Man, whose producing spirit desires occupation and to whom is granted the wonderful mechanism of the fingers, has the advantage that he can weave his garments according to the season, either of flax and cotton or of the wool of sheep and the hair of goats, and can protect himself from the wind, the weather and the cold by using the wood from the forest to build his house and to warm it.

Food, clothing and shelter are the fundamental requirements to which everyone born has a claim, and these can also be acquired by everyone who has sound limbs. In the muscles of our arms we possess the fairy charm which can say: "Table be set!" for labour always finds its reward. Of course if people are foolish enough to leave the places where the muscles of their arms are in demand and paid for, if they leave the source of all earthly riches, agriculture, and go where their arms have no earthly value, because many others that are unemployed are waiting for employment, then distress, lack of food, of clothing and shelter must give him occasion to consider and turn back, returning to a life in the country, which is continually becoming more deprived of its inhabitants.

Every work brings its rewards. Work is necessary for our bodily and mental well-being. By co-operation it confirms us in the consciousness of a common humanity, for in social life we see in every fellowman an image of ourselves and this calls for mutual regard, charity, kindliness, mutual assistance. How different with the man who is not working. His thoughts turn to laying nets and setting traps in which to catch his unsuspecting fellowmen.

Further, when the knowledge will have spread more and more that the essential work of man consists in allowing the sun to work for him, in order that food, raiment and wood may grow up from earth, water and air, then many foolish outbirths of idle brains will lose their soil and foundation.

There are, indeed, in these times some bad calculators who say: We will work less and get more money. These do not consider that the more money is in circulation, so much more money must be paid for the materials of food, if these remain the same in quantity, and this change will be of indefinite limits. The real remedy can only consist in producing more food. The more grain is raised, the less money will be required to pay it. Here we must apply our lever. What infatuation, when men attack one another in order to compel the supply of sufficient food. That can only be furnished by the earth. "Does a cornfield grow in my palm? "God has created us rich enough in supplying us with an understanding. If we use this, brother need not overreach brother, but we can in serene tranquility of soil win the little that we need day by day from our all-mother Earth.

Julius Hensel - Bread From Stones - Acres USA Publishing 1991, Chapter 5: A Chapter for Chemists, pgs. 35-36

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