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By WRCU2 (registered) - website | Posted August 18, 2011 at 12:51:07

Since y'all enjoyed my video contribution so much, I thought I'd share some still photos for your voting pleasure and as a means for me to scream, HEY, thanks a-hole bunch!

I just happened to be downtown today and thought to check on the demolition which was supposed to be halted once again until MOE was satisfied with Vrancor's asbestos abatement documentation:


I think I saw MOE relaxing nearby though I wonder why they're hiding behind the van door? Perhaps they were avoiding the wrath of Vrancor.


I started to look through the rubble piles for any obvious evidence of asbestos. I zoomed in on two possible suspects. This was the first:

Rubble Pile JPG Image

Upon closer examination, I realize this is merely a bathtub overflow wrapped in fiberglass insulation. This was the second:

Rubble Pile JPG Image

IMHO as a plumber's helper for many years, I would have to say I saw no asbestos in the rubble pile today. However, I was photographing from 15 metres away and cannot in confidence completely confirm this. Although I believe the second image from the rubble pile is still somewhat suspicious.

In most instances where asbestos remains in older buildings, it was used to encase boiler pipes for insulation. This was the primary purpose for the space-age substance and formed the basis for my observance. Looking on the bright side, Vrancor has done a great job of controlling the dust and we shouldn't have to worry about inhaling asbestos even if IT exists.

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