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By Ryan (registered) - website | Posted June 12, 2012 at 10:02:58 in reply to Comment 78366

The City undertook a broad-based visioning exercise in the 1990s called Vision 2020. It involved thousands of citizens that agreed on a broad vision of city values and was adopted by Council. Vision 2020 provided a framework for the broad public consultation that led to Putting People First, the Downtown Master Plan, which was also adopted by Council. Putting People First was the basis for the Downtown Transportation Master Plan, which was also informed by broad public consultation and adopted by Council.

The issue here is absolutely not that the vision doesn't reflect the public will. The issue is that when it comes time to operationalize the vision and carry out the Council-mandated plan, the plan is gutted by stalls, delays, funding gaps and reversals on narrow, arbitrary and often fear-based grounds.

I'm having a hard time avoiding the conclusion that you simply aren't interested in a good-faith discussion about these issues, since you routinely put up strawmen to knock down and invent false equivalence between a broad, evidence-based attempt to balance our transportation network and a narrow, fear-based attempt to prevent any change to the status quo.

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